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On Monday, August 11th, the world received some shocking news: master comedian, and loving individual all-around, Robin Williams had passed away. However, it wasn’t by natural causes, disease, an accident, or murder. No, it was far more devastating. Robin Williams had taken his life while battling depression.

Looking into retrospect, Robin had battled depression, substance abuse, and alcoholism for a good portion of his life. But we ask ourselves, “How can someone like Robin Williams, the seemingly happiest person on the planet, be depressed?” The sad truth is that some of the people who seem the happiest on the surface, may actually be suffering from something we don’t know about. Though it largely depends on a case by case basis, Robin was someone who masked how he felt with his comedy and antics.

Let it be assured though, that he made the world, myself included, much happier with the amount of love and care brought into his routines. Whether you remember him from Mork and Mindy, his first appearance on the Tonight Show (with Johnny Carson), or one of my favorites growing up with as a child, The Genie from Aladdin, he made you smile in some way. Robin was an individual that cared for people, and had a heart the size of Texas itself. Uniquely talented with his own brand of “madness”, he was able to dip in and out of personas on a whim, creating a one man show in itself. He was talented beyond all normal means, and he won the world over with his charm.

Unfortunately, there was an ever apparent dark side to the matter. One of Robin’s most concerning quotes was “I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” This quote in itself gives us an introspective look at what Robin may have been dealing with when this was said. He was unique, an individual who stood out from the rest, and one can assume that he may have felt disenfranchised from the rest of the people he surrounded himself with. Isolation can lead to depression, and depression leads to a slew of devastating effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Be aware of the signs

Everyone at some point or another deals with depression. Subtle changes in their behavior and mannerisms may give it away, so please be sure to talk it out with your loved ones if you notice something. Becoming aware of depression is important, and a little love goes a long way when someone is suffering from something that can’t be fixed with the snap of your fingers. Be there for them, hold their hand, and let them know they’re not battling this alone.

Remember Robin by spreading the love

Robin, in all of his funny mannerisms and jokes, would want us to remember him for the good times. He cared for everyone, and so we must take it upon ourselves to continue his legacy. Share his funniest clips, make people smile and laugh, and most importantly carry on what he left behind; caring for people unconditionally. I hope this post resonates with you as it has resonated with me writing it. Remember to take heed to your loved ones, smile and laugh as much as possible, and always do the right thing; it’s the least we can do to carry on Robin Williams’ legacy.




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