Job responsibilities of a child support attorney

Divorce is unfortunate, but sometimes a decision has to be taken. When partners go their way and lock horns over their children, it is the child that suffers.  A child support attorney Fort Lauderdale steps in at such times to help you out or rather, help the child out. He performs multifarious activities under general supervision in the areas of child support.

The Levels of Child Support Attorneys
A child support attorney Fort Lauderdale is responsible for taking care of the civil litigation of child support cases. The criminal litigation aspect is taken care of by the Deputy District Attorney. There are levels in this profession. A Child Support Attorney I is the entry-level class. The functionary receives orientation and training in paternity and child support issues and moves on from there to achieve enough experience and competency to qualify Level II.

The Job Profile
The job profile of a child support attorney Fort Lauderdale includes a lot of issues and most of them quite sensitive too as they affect a child. Knowledge, clarity in thought and observation are key factors. Experience, of course, comes gradually. Let us take a look at what they do.

  • They have an advisory role and advise their department staff, the parents, and witnesses on legal issues.
  • They interpret and apply laws; court decisions; to be used to prepare child support cases.
  • They prepare legal pleadings, draft complaints and other papers that are needed for hearings, trials, and other legal proceedings. They also ready drafts, related reports and correspondence and maintain case records.
  • They have to litigate varied paternity and support cases in civil courts. 

What they Should Be Able to Do
The attorney must have the membership in the Bar Council and also must possess a Driver's License.  They also must:

  •  Know the principles of civil and criminal law with an emphasis on family law and standard legal office practices and procedures besides negotiating techniques.
  • Be able to learn civil and criminal codes related to family law
  • Be able to perform legal research
  • They can not only analyze but also apply legal principles, facts, evidence, and precedents to legal problems
  • Present statements of law, facts, and arguments written and oral format clearly, forcefully and logically. 
  •  Maintain confidentiality   
  • Have the technical abilities to use personal computers and computer applications in the department. 

In the case of divorce between couples with children, usually, the father is granted some visitation rights or custody and pay the mother child support. Considering that different states have different laws on custody and child support, the knowledge of a professional child support attorney is required as he can make the entire process much easier. They will explain the rights to the client and answer any questions that come up in the process. Besides this, they can also help the custodial parent if the other parent does not pay child support.

It is important for divorcing couples to understand the difference between mediation and litigation for child support. A child support attorney will provide them with an initial consultation before the services are retained. It is, therefore, a wise move to visit and consult a child support Attorney if you want things to move smoothly.

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