How to make money – The definitive guide!

So, can you make money from blogging? How do bloggers make money?
It’s no secret that many blogs earn as much as 6 figures per month from blogging.
One you have your blog setup there are many ways you can monetize your blog.
This post will look at how to make money blogging in 4 simple steps from starting your blog up to monetizing it. To skip right to the list of ways you can make money blogging, click here.
Let’s begin.

2. Create Great Content
This is one of the most important steps for creating a successful blog.
Write good blog posts that are information-rich and helpful. Quality content gets more shares, more links, and more likes.

Not only should your content be helpful, but it should also be interesting. Having dull blog posts can lead to your readers getting bored and leaving. Make your blog engaging with images, videos and other types of content.

3. Build an Audience
Once you have your blog up and running, you now want to drive traffic to it and develop a readership. There are many ways to promote your blog.

Use social media to drive traffic to your blog and establish your brand. Create social media profiles for your blog and make it easy for your readers to share your content with share buttons.
Take advantage of the potential organic traffic search engines offer. Make sure you are covering some basic SEO (search engine optimization). Here is an SEO checklist with some of the most important points. There are some great plugins out there for WordPress like Yoast will help take care of SEO for you.

Again the choice is ultimately up to you and what suits your site best. As with ads, try not to overthink affiliate products. Your primary aim should be offering great content to your readers and giving them useful information.

C) Selling Products Directly
This revenue stream is pretty self-explanatory. Another way to make money blogging is to directly sell products on your site.

Selling products on your site can take a number of forms, and there are many sales tools for blogs such as WooCommerce for WordPress out there to help you with eCommerce.
For example, you could choose to set up a store portion on your site with a selection of products. Alternatively, you could have a simple digital downloads button that enables users to purchase digital products.

E) Growing Your Business
If you already have a business, you can use your blog to promote it and grow your reputation.
According to one study, small business that blog get 126% more lead growth than those that don’t blog.

If you have a product you offer, blogging can be an effective way to attract visitors and promote it through content marketing.

Also, you can use your blog to add credibility to your brand. An established your blog can open up business opportunities for you and your brand.

A successful blog is a powerful advertisement and can boost your credibility.
Here are some examples of money-making opportunities a blog can open up:
• Freelancing: You can use your blog as a way advertise your freelance services.
• Guest Posting: Posting on other blogs and sites is a great way to gain further exposure and traffic.
• Speaking: You could be invited or apply to speak at events and conferences.
• Consulting: Consulting is helping other businesses improve their performance. Many consultants charge top-dollar for their services.

F) Selling Blogs
If you have built up your blog and want to move on to another blog or pursuit, you can decide to sell it.

One marketplace where you can sell blogs is Flippa.
Blogs can be sold for very high prices. Some blogs have sold for many millions of dollars.
The more established your blog, the more value it will have. Things like the number of visitors, amount of content, and the amount of email subscribers all go into increasing the value of your blog. Of course, you can choose what is included in the sale and what is not.
The more value that a blog offers, the higher the price could be.

Hopefully, by now you know how to make money blogging. A blog can be a great way to learn, share and generate a profit.

Can you make money blogging? Yes. But like most things, it takes effort and dedication. Once you know how to become a blogger and make money, the next step is actually implementing the different revenue methods.

Take note when you see these revenue streams on other sites. By seeing them in use it can help you get a feel for what will be best for your blog.

if you haven’t already, start by setting up your blog.
Once you have a good amount of content, start driving traffic and then think about monetizing your blog.

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