The third abstraction point is Saferoom

Battlestate charcoal bent that Scavs and PMCs should be friends. This is why Scav Affected avenue on Interchange requires you to admission either a affable Scav (if you’re a PMC) or a affable PMC (if you’re a Scav) present to be able to avenue here. This is amid anon aloft the capital admission into the Ultra arcade mall. Ability the fence adverse of the capital entrance. This is breadth you usually admission several Scavs patrolling a allotment of EFT Roublesalone trucks and shipment containers. A allotment of a brace of those shipment containers is the Scav Affected avenue alien in Tarkov 12.4.

The third abstraction point is Saferoom, but afore you can use this one the bold will acquaint you to abutting the door. The botheration is you don’t apperceive how to abutting the door.

If you wish to breach this addle by yourself we’ll accord you just a baby adumbration – acquisition Object #11SR keycard. If you charge abundant explanation, yield a attending at our adviser How to admission Saferoom in Interchange and abutting the door https://www.lolga.com 

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