What are the major causes of Crooked Teeth?

Many people are affected by crooked teeth worldwide and can prove to be a bane for adults and teenagers both. There are many assumptions about getting the crooked teeth. Some blame it on genes; some blame the lifestyle habits, etc. many people complain of crooked teeth due to wisdom teeth. In this case, doctors suggest wearing the Wisdom Teeth Braces for a definite period of time. We have compiled a list of possible causes of crooked teeth in people.

Genetics – Genes do have a great impact on the teeth of a person. You must have noticed similarities in the denture structure of members belong to same family. Genes play a vital role in inheriting the misaligned jaws or teeth. If your parents suffered from any dental impairment, then there are strong possibilities that you too can have them. Doctor may advise you to wear Crooked Teeth Braces.

MissingTeeth – Untimely loss of baby and adult teeth can result into miss positioning of your other teeth. This is caused due to a drift into the available gaps. Sometimes teeth overlap each other making it a crowd together.

ThumbSucking – Thumb sucking is a very common issue in infants. The truth is that thumb sucking is a habit that inserts pressure on the teeth compelling them to move in different ways. This can adversely affect the manner in which they bite and chew food. If you or any of your loved ones is facing this problem, then you are advised to consult the doctor immediately to get rid of this problem.

GumDisease – Any issues related to your gums like disease or injury in them can lead to the problem crooked teeth. Teeth tend to become loose or change their appearance and alignment due to gum diseases. This also affects their biting capabilities.

DentalProcedures – Many a times ill fitted Dental restoration procedures like bridges and crowns can put undue pressure on the teeth making them move from their original place and get crooked. This will also affect the way you bite and chew. If you experience any such symptoms, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Injury – In case of any accident of serious injury can damage the teeth alignment and move them by making them crooked. A severe trauma can also lead to such a situation. This is the reason that doctors advise the hockey and rugby players to wear gum shields during playing. This will prevent their teeth from serious injuries.

Ageing – Age also lays a vital role in giving you some crooked teeth. With increasing age

the roots of the teeth tend to loosen and drift forward. This gives rise to crooked teeth.
These are some common causes of crooked teeth. If you too experience any of these signs, then you should immediately consult your doctors. Timely consultation can help you in fast recovery. Any further delay can complicate your case. We hope this article will be helpful for you.

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